10 things to do with kids for less than $10 in Lebanon

As we all know, kids like to play and go around almost all the time, and as much as parents like to give that to kids, it might get expensive to do it often.

Lebanon Kids’ Guide has compiled a list of 10 things to do in Lebanon with kids for less than $10 – whether you plan on paying $10 for each kid or for the whole outing.

1. Rent a bike

The further you get away from Beirut the cheaper things get. What would usually cost $10 for bike and helmet rental could be reduced to $4 per person.

2. Playground for kids

Don’t worry about leaving your kids in a playground all day long and coming back to a hefty bill… With offers from websites like GoSawa.com, you can let your kid play and have a meal for only $6.5 at places like Adam in Saida and Apple Town in Khaldeh. Other places would go as low as $3.33 per kid like Kidzilla.

3. A day at the beach

Many beaches in Lebanon are free of entrance and require nothing of you but to bathe in the sun and have a plunge in the water. With $10 you get water and snacks, and make sandwiches at home to save money.

4. Go to amusement parks

Yes, kids can get very demanding in such places… but if you limit them to a couple of games which could cost about $1 or $2 per game, they’ll end up exhausted before the $10 budget runs out.

5. Discounted movie tickets

For $10 you get two movie tickets at Empire Espace Kaslik and if you go to any cinema to attend the earliest screening, you can get a ticket for $5.

6. Bowling

Bowling is for both adults and kids as this game brings out the competitor in each person. Pay $6.6 for two rounds of bowling at Golden Lili’s Resort and Spa.

7. Take the teleferique

Something anyone who visits Lebanon should try and it’s only for $4 per child and $7.3 per adult on weekends (roundtrip) and on weekdays it’s $6 per adult and $3.33 per child. For a one-way ticket on weekends it’s $4.6 per adult and $2.6 per child, and on weekdays it’s $3.6 per adult and $2 per child. And for kids below 4 it’s for free.

8. Internal tourism

Visit Beit Ed-Dine, Jeita Grotto, or Al-Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve with a fee of $3.33-$6.66 per person.

9. Horseback riding

For 30 minutes riding a horse in mid nature, you pay $10 per person.

10. Board games night

With places like Joon on the Moon in Gemmayzeh and Multiverse in Hamra, you can play board games for as little as $1.3 per hour.

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