5 things your kids need to hear

In a way to raise happier, more understanding kids, Lebanon Kids’ Guide compiled a simple list of 5 things your kids need to hear you say.

1. Name the emotion they’re feeling and talk about it

Instead of telling your child “not” to be afraid or “not” to cry, you could pin point their exact emotions and discuss them. “I know you’re afraid of the dark and it’s unpleasant. How would you like to sleep tonight?”

2. Would you like a do-over?

By saying that, you’re not telling your child “you did it wrong” or “don’t do that.” Instead, you’re encouraging them to have faith in their work or not act the way they did. A do-over helps react the scene they were in, so they realize they should’ve acted differently.

3. I’d be glad to help

Instead of instantly offering your help and making your kid count on you every time, this sentence will make them realize you’re here for them if they need you badly, but not at every single inconvenience.

4. This hurts me/your sister/the animal

Again, saying “don’t” doesn’t help. If you explain upfront what is the consequence of your kid’s bad behavior, they will understand that they shouldn’t repeat it because they love you or their sibling.

5. I love you/you make me proud/I’m listening

It is never enough to say any of the above. A child should feel appreciated – not over appreciated – all the time, so they know what they mean to you

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