Written By Life Coach Maya Hawa - Founder of ACHIEVE PsychologistFull Article: Bullying can affect everyone—those who are bullied, those who bully, and those who witness bullying. Bullying is defined as anyone acting in a superior way to intimidate someone else. Another term used to describe bullying is 'Dominance Behavior.' Although the term "bully" should… Read More
Actuellement, nous nous retrouvons de plus en plus avec nos enfants à la maison. Comment les amuser en profitant de ces moments pour développer leur langage tout en réduisant leur exposition à l’écran qui tend beaucoup à les distraire ? Voici quelques exemples d’activités simples ou routinières à effectuer avec vos petits, qui améliorent leurs compétences… Read More
“I was afraid they would hate me” Coronavirus contaminated, the develop guilt. Covid19, a virus that can cause emotions that quickly turn into a feeling of guilt due to the consequences it could have on their loved ones. When you learn that you’re positive, you are immediately overwhelmed by a feeling of anxiety and self-accusation… Read More
Le Corona virus est générateur d'angoisse et c'est tout à fait normal pour mieux la gérer voici quelques conseils.Rendez l'ambiance de la maison la plus agréable possible.Prenez les précautions mais sans obsession.Ne bombardez pas vos enfants par "il faut et vous devez".Insistez sur le fait que c'est passager.Organisez des petits repas, regardez des séries télévisées,faire… Read More
The all-time favorite taste of Puck’s spreadable cheese is now available in a new shape. Expanding its range of products to meet mothers’ increasing need for convenience, Puck has recently launched its square product. The new pack encloses separately-wrapped cheese squares that offer the same delicious creamy texture! Whether at home or on-the-go, Puck’s cheese… Read More
When parents are constantly busy, they might resort to buying toys for their kids instead of finding time to spend it with them. As toys lose their value and become out-of-date, kids will nag and cry their heart out for the newest trends, leaving their parents with two options: they either cave in and buy… Read More
It is never easy for a parent to admit that their kid is being bullied, but mean-spirited kids are out there with grudges towards people and take it out on their peers. The utmost important step to take when your kid says they’re being bullied is believing them. Once your child tells you about their… Read More
Humans are curious beings by nature, can you imagine how intensified that feeling is in kids? If you’re bored of movie nights and the usual activities you do as a family, we have the right thing for you. As the concept of locked rooms and clues to solve to escape is getting popular, the trend… Read More
Parents often ask this question but a specific number cannot be given every single time. As kids are not all the same and reach maturity levels at different ages, parents ought to handle each child as a singular case. The internet isn’t exactly the safest place for kids to delve in, and as a parent,… Read More
In a way to raise happier, more understanding kids, Lebanon Kids’ Guide compiled a simple list of 5 things your kids need to hear you say. 1. Name the emotion they’re feeling and talk about it Instead of telling your child “not” to be afraid or “not” to cry, you could pin point their exact… Read More