Is your kid being bullied? The signs to watch out for

It is never easy for a parent to admit that their kid is being bullied, but mean-spirited kids are out there with grudges towards people and take it out on their peers.

The utmost important step to take when your kid says they’re being bullied is believing them. Once your child tells you about their experience and you ignore them, they will lose faith in you and never tell you about future abuse.

Lebanon Kids’ Guide has compiled a list of signs that show if your child is being bullied:

  1. Physical injuries

If your child comes home with unexplainable physical bruises, this is considered a red flag not to ignore.

  1. Loss of interest in going to school

There will come mornings when your child refuses to go to school, seems afraid of going, or pretends to be sick so they can stay at home. Once this attitude becomes repetitive, an investigation from your side is a must.

  1. Loss or damage in belongings

When electronic devices are stolen or broken, books are missing, lunch and lunch money are taken away from your kid, it means a bully has taken control over them.

  1. Change in mood

Your kid might start crying themselves to sleep, are irrationally angry, become lonely and isolated, has nightmares, is depressed, or takes out their feelings on their younger siblings.

  1. Physical illnesses

Many bullying victims report constant headaches, stomachaches, and loss of appetite, which are all signs of anxiety and stress.

  1. Changes in friendships

Your kid might stop socializing with others and will lose friends because of that.

Do not let these signs aggravate if you believe your child might be a victim of vile bullying. Reach out to your kid, and if they don’t cooperate, you might have to talk to their teachers at school or any adult who is usually around your kid.

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