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El Kahi Co Bldg, facing Farhat Center, Nahr El Mot, Lebanon,

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Kids Genius is your kids’ place to develop their INDUSTRIAL INTELLIGENCE and KNOWLEDGE. They will EXPLORE their CREATIVITY through HANDS-ON projects.


We are a team of three electromechanical engineers who believe that the practical skills should be raised since teen ages. It is, like Music and drawing, when provided to children at an early age, will open new horizon for them.
It will help them solve practical problems by their own and develop analytical skills through hands-on project while being innovative and introduced to the different types of manufacturing machines.

We provide classes for kids starting 7 years old, where they will get introduced to the industrial field by working on small and safe machines, designed especially for educational purposes in order to finish a small given project .

We have 7 levels of difficulties where children will start producing models from wood using different type of machines such jigsaw, lathe, drilling… and then they will build models from soft metals (aluminium, copper…) and learn about precision in work. finally they will reach the Computerized version where they will learn how to program their machine (CNC: Computerized Numerical Control) to make their desired 3D model.

-Classes are given in our location in Nahr El mot.

-It is possible for our trained team to make visits to schools where students will have a session of 3 hours long to accomplish a project that goes with their science classes.



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