How to keep your kids busy at home?

If you want your kids to never say “I’m bored” again, you might want to take a look at this list.

No matter the season, these fun and educational activities will keep your little ones entertained for a long time… without having to go out!

Let’s take a look!

The artsy-fartsy kids

  1. Get your kids a couple of t-shirts (pick their favorite color or plain white) and let them have fun with coloring them. A few vegetables cut in half will amaze you with the results they give when dipped in clothes paint and then stamped on the shirt. Potatoes, vine leaves, bell peppers, apples, and lemons will make the perfect patterns.
  2. Make personalized fridge magnets with very simple ingredients. These can be cute gifts for the grandparents, family, teachers, return gifts on birthdays, etc.… especially that your kids got creative to make them.
  3. Put your old glass jars and your kids’ color crayons into use. Let them go crazy with all the colors they have by coloring the jars. You can put them on your desk as a pens’ container, or maybe put a candle in them for extra color effects.

Educational activities

  1. You want your kid to understand math and ameliorate their memory? Then this shell memory game will help with both and keep them entertained! Grab a bunch of shells from a day at the beach. Their white inside makes way for colored pens to be put to use. Write numbers in both letters and number (i.e. 10 ten) so that they can memorize how each number is written. Then close the shells and let them memorize where each number is placed.
  2. A little fun game to enrich their vocabulary and spelling would be labeling multiple objects at home with sticky notes. Get colorfully shaped sticky notes and write on them the name of each object you want to label. This would also work if you’re teaching your kid a new language (French, English, German, Italian, etc…)
  3. There is no harm in teaching kids about different cultures and some geography; it will help them go mentally prepared to school with information from around the world. Either cook together some African dish, or let them know the history of each item they eat for breakfast (toast, croissant, halloumi cheese, etc…)

For the scientific minds

  1. If your kid is a dinosaur fan, or at least likes to play pretend and act like a scientist/archaeologist, then this game is something they would fancy. Get their favorite dinosaur toys, shells, and colored crystals. Get a big container, fill it with water and add the shells first, let it freeze. Then add the dinosaurs with water and let it freeze. Now you add the colored crystals with water and again, let it freeze. It will take a few days, but it’s worth it! You will end up with a big block of ice with the most precious of items being stuck in the middle. See this link to know how your kids will save their favorite toys for two straight hours!
  2. Foam paint is something to keep as art! All you need is craft glue, shaving cream, and food coloring. Mix the same amount of shaving cream and craft glue in a plastic bag, ad the colors your kids like most, and let them enjoy the science and art of it! Have some white cardboard ready and let them draw or write what they wish. Their work will solidify over night and make way for some cool gifts or bedroom art.
  3. How about having your kids pretend they are at a perfume factory? Your kids can’t wait to be adults and do what grownups do, so give them a taste of that but in a fun way. Check out how to make a perfume factory with ingredients from around the house and garden.
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