A Lebanon Kids’ Guide… Why?

How it all started…

Being a Lebanese mother myself, in love with her two boys, I have definitely learned a lot about kids, and all what’s related to them. Sometimes, i find myself spending a lot of time online trying to find a suitable place or event to take them to during the weekend… So I thought, why not create a website where I can search for those places and events for kids, or even check what are the events on a certain day?

The Challenge

Although I had no idea on where to start from – because I’m not even a web developer – I set a challenge to myself: I will create my own website. The idea of becoming a “momtrepreneur” seemed very appealing to me. And so, I started looking for web templates, watched tutorial videos, read a lot about websites, and finally began building the Lebanon Kids’ Guide.

Why I gave up

At the beginning, I was working for many hours at night, since I was busy during the day with my job and my other responsibilities as a mother… Some days later, I found myself unable to go forward with the template I was working on because of many technical difficulties which required the knowledge of an expert. I gave up!

Back on track

After few months, I decided to resume my work on the website since I had already entered many places and events for kids to the database, and I was able to actually launch this Guide.

To all moms out there, I hope this will be a very helpful guide for you to be able to plan fun and lovely moments with your little ones in any of the posted places and events for kids, and I hope to inspire you to never give up.



Lebanon Kids' Guide