How old should a kid be to volunteer?

There are so many ways one can grow their brain and change their lives and the ones of those around them. Volunteering is definitely one alternative and your child can help the community with tiny steps or huge ones.

Unlike most activities that only help oneself, volunteering holds benefits for both the person performing it and the people targeted by it.

For kids, volunteer work can help with increasing self-esteem, awareness of people’s troubles, and appreciation to what they already have offered by their parents.

If you’re wondering how your kid can volunteer (with your presence and supervision,) here are a few ideas to consider:

1. Most elderly in nursing homes were once parents and miss the joy kids can bring. Some, unfortunately, have no-one to visit them too. With your companionship and help, your kids can visit a nearby nursing home once a month and spend time with a few old folks. Contact a nursing home of your choice and ask for the elderly who are willing to play cards with your child, or maybe have the latter organize a play with friends to entertain a group of grandpas and grandmas.

2. On your visit to the supermarket, let your kid choose one item they want to offer to those who cannot afford to buy food or anything else they may need. When you have a full bag/box, let your kid pick an organization to donate them to. It could be for the orphans, the elderly, the homebound, or the homeless on the streets.

3. Let your kids collect unwanted toys, books, and clothes from around the house and donate them to charities, hospitals, or the homeless.

4. Befriend a mentally disabled person. By spending time with them, your kids will develop empathy towards helping others who may be rejected by society.

5. Kids at cancer centers could need some entertainment too. Have your kids read them a story or play with them during visiting hours. Of course, you have to contact the hospital or center first to get approval and ask for available programs of such kind.

6. Your kids can help animals as well. Contact animal rescue centers around your neighborhood or city, and see how you can help them. Maybe by playing with the animals, buying food or medicine the center needs, or adopt an animal in need of a home.

7. Organize activity boxes and offer them to beggars on the street. The box could contain toys, books, food, and a piece of clothe – depending on the age of the beggar.

8. Look around for organizations which plan clean-up weekends. You and your kids can participate by cleaning the shores, your neighborhood, a disabled person’s home, or wildlife areas.

9. Encourage your kids to join local scouts, as such groups are always up to new volunteering programs around the country and throughout the year.

10. Look for available environmental organizations which plan tree planting days. Along with your kid, you can help your country keep its green scenery and clean up the environment.

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