Snacking: Parents vs kids

6 things you need to know about kid snacks

Let’s face it, finding good snacks for our little ones can be a hassle, especially in these hot sunny days! Before heading to the beach, the mountain or the swimming pool, take a look and these 6 things you need to know about kids snacks:

What we want for our kids:

  1. No compromise on nutrition

Summer is a time of freedom, experiments, bended rules, but as parents we want to give the best nutrition to ours kids. They need calcium, protein and vitamins to grow and go on with their outdoor activities. We want to swap any possible junk food by a wholesome snack which provide them with the good nutrients they need.

  1. Empowerment and autonomy

As good as a shared gouter with your kids can be, it is also important to empower them and give them autonomy in their snack breaks. Whether they are out with their football club or at the swimming pool with their friends, we want them to feel independent! Let them grab their snack in their backpack without asking for help, for a spoon, for a napkin… With more autonomy comes more piece of mind for parents as well J!

  1. Take it anywhere

There is no such thing as ‘sedentary snacking’! Parents know that hunger can strike anytime especially in Summer or at Back to School periods, when kids are super active, explore, learn million of new things. Parents want to feed their hunger anytime and anywhere. Having options that are portable, convenient and can be out of the fridge is a MUST.

  1. Taste

A snack is never only functional. Giving a good snack to your kid when he/she feels peckish is also a treat, a reward, an emotional lift… For this reason, parents want to provide something really tasty to their little ones, something that will make them happy and lifted with more joy, to keep them going with a smile!

What Kids want for themselves:

  1. YUUMMM!

If you asked a kid what is the most important criteria for a snack, they would shout that it has to be TASTY! YUMMY! Why would they bother otherwise? Truly tasty snacks come to rescue at school break in the playground, or at half time during a game. Taste is the number one driver to satisfy them when they feel peckish, or when they need a bit of comfort.

  1. Fun is everything

Childhood is playful, and snacks are no exception to this rule. Playfulness can come from the packaging (colourful, interactive…) or the product itself (shapes, colours, taste…). In both cases, kids are looking for fun eating experiences that feed their curiosity.

  1. Cool kid

Who is the coolest in the playground? Who has the coolest snack in his/her backpack? Kids love sharing and love showing what snacks they brought. They feel proud and happy when their choices are noticed and accepted by their peers, and on the contrary they would feel ashamed if their snack is not cool, or is perceived too “baby-ish”. The cooler the snack, the higher the chances of your kid playing with a full stomach!


This year, Kiri Snack comes as the perfect pacifier between parents and kids’ needs. Why so?

  • It’s made with 85 % Milk, high in Calcium, no preservatives nor artificial flavours
  • No Spoon no Mess, kids can open it on their own and eat it without spoon nor napkins
  • It can be taken anywhere and be outside of the fridge thanks to a new pouch technology that preserves the product
  • It’s super tasty, available in Chocolate, Vanilla and Brownie Flavours, brought to you by Kiri, a brand kids love

With Kiri Snack, hit Back to school with a snack so cool!


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