Young girls wearing makeup? What you need to know!

Before we start blaming social media for everything wrong in today’s generation, let’s take a step back and examine the relationship between girls and makeup.

If you remember your own childhood, you surely remember how far from easy it was to fit in at school, or try to look pretty or cool in comparison to other kids. For boys, it’s about having the latest video game and the coolest pair of sneakers on the market. But for girls, nothing would seem to be enough to have them satisfied with what they have.

As puberty hits, acne and temporary zits will make an appearance on tweens’ faces. Yet as normal as this sounds, girls will recourse to makeup for it’s a thing they’re used to playing with as kids. But what happens when girls as young as 10 years-old start wearing makeup on a daily basis?

Researchers have tried to cover this topic, trying to come up with a definite age for girls to start wearing makeup, but to no avail. As most experts advise with the procrastination of wearing cosmetics, many women think it is a passage of age and a way of self-expression that has no specific age. But studies have shown that the early exposure to the chemicals in makeup might lead to early puberty, which has future consequences.

As most girls are influenced by their peers and especially their mothers, they are drawn to the alluring world of makeup, as it transforms the face and provides a feeling of maturity – even if just a physical one.

What experts want you to know is that women are doing their best to reclaim their younger glowing skin which girls have but are not aware of. The more beauty products teens are using at a younger age the more consequences they will have to face growing up. The use of concealer and foundation will only temporarily hide the zits, but on the longer run will block the pores and make way for black heads and oil and dirt concentration… which means more zits.

What mothers want you to know is the concerns they have regarding young girls with makeup on, strolling down the streets alone or parading themselves on social media. As we all know, the real world just as much as the virtual one have vile people trying to take advantage of kids.

Beauty products have been around for thousands of years; sure, the industry has changed and now, more than ever, a beauty pack contains more items than 10 years ago. Acne and pimples can be cured with a simple daily cleansing routine or treatment at a dermatologist, resorting to makeup might not be the right option.

Helpful tips to guide your daughter into the makeup world:

  • Discuss with your daughter the reasons behind her “need” to wear makeup. Be a good listener and find out if you could sway her mind into a cleansing routine that would help her protect her skin instead of damaging it.
  • Try to ask for the help and advice of specialists to get age-appropriate makeup with less chemicals and that are made for young girls.
  • Help her understand that makeup could be a nice touch for big occasions like weddings, proms, and parties. That way applying beauty products will not become a routine of hers, instead it would be a finishing touch for big days.
  • Allow her to experiment at home as girls love doing that. But set rules when it comes to wearing makeup to school or casual outings.
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